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Delivery by Courier:

To make sure that our products reach their destination in the best conditions, we signed an agreement with two industry leaders in the transport of non-perishable goods: GLS and SDA


The delivery by Courier is done during normal business hours, so you must specify an address where someone who can receive the shipment and a telephone number to allow the Courier and our Customer Service to contact the buyer.

In the absence of the recipient, the Courier will leave a notice to indicate a new date and time for the next delivery attempt or to allow the withdrawal of the parcel at the nearest Courier headquarters.

All our wines will be transported with adequate packaging in order to protect the customer in case of breakage during transport.

Esselle Wines provides the shipping and delivery service of the products sold on the website in the Italian territory;

about EU countries please contact us:

In the event the Customer indicates a wrong address, the subsequent transport costs for the new delivery are to be paid by the Customer.

We only use reliable, secure and environmentally friendly packaging. The entire package is 100% recyclable.

For our shipments we use EWINE SECURE PACK® , a secure and patented packaging.

The specific support along the entire axis of the bottle and the specific collapsing system in case of impact, make EWINE SECURE PACK® one of the safest packagings on the market today.




Delivery in 1-2 working days in Italy approximate and in no way binding. Deliveries are made to street level (not to a specified floor).

On delivery, the Customer is required to check:

- That the number of delivered packages corresponds to the number shown on the bill of lading;

- That the packaging is not damaged, wet or otherwise altered, even in the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal strapping).

Any damage or mismatch concerning  the number of packages or the particulars, must be immediately reported to the Courier that makes the delivery, adding the caption ''Goods unchecked'' on the bill of lading, and immediately notified by registered mail to Esselle Via Wines Jan Palach 8, 20142 Milan Italy within seven working days from the delivery of  goods.

Any reportover these terms will not be taken into account.

Please note also that the caption "Intact package, goods unchecked" is not taken into account by the Courier that, therefore, does not accept claims. The check of the goods should therefore be done upon delivery. The customer takes responsibility for his every statement.

Note: if you accept the goods delivered by the courier without notifying details of any damage, then, at a later time, you will not be allowed to claim against Esselle Wines for any shortage or damage due to transport but you will have to claim against the courier.

Stored material:

In the event that the courier has difficulty in delivering the goods due to a wrong or inaccurate address provided by the customer or in case of absence of the addressee at the specified delivery address, the courier has to make another delivery attempt.

After the second attempt, the goods will be stored and the customer will have to pay the additional cost of € 5.10 inclusive of a storage for 10 days.

We therefore advise buyers to always provide a traceable mobile phone number to avoid problems.

In the event that problems can’t be solved within a few days the goods will be sent back to the sender and Esselle Wines will send it again only after the customer will have paid the billed costs of storage and the new shipping cost.

               Delivery cost to Italy: (euro)

from 1 to 6 bottles

from 7 to 12 bottles

from 13 to 18 bottles

from 19 to 24 bottles


8,90 €

14,90 €

18,50 €