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Bunches and their meaning:
5 bunches - Wines of excellence - with a tasting score ranging from 91 to 100.
4 bunches – High quality and prestige wines - with a tasting score ranging from 85 to 90.
3 bunches - Good quality fine wines – with a tasting score ranging from 80 to 85.
2 bunches – Mid-level wines with a pleasant texture – with a tasting score ranging from 74 to 79.

Vini d'Italia (Gambero rosso)

Wine glasses and their meaning:
3 wine glasses - Excellent wines in their respective categories.
2 wine glasses – Wines ranging from very good to excellent and that have reached the final tastings.
2 black wine glasses – Wines ranging from very good to excellent in their respective categories
1 black wine glass - Wines ranging from discrete to good in their respective categories

Vini buoni d'Italia

Stars and their meaning:

4 stars– Excellent wines with a good balance of elegance, finesse and texture.
3 stars - Good wines, drinkable and pleasant.
2 stars - Wines well made and pleasant to drink.
1 star – Good wines, although without particular value.

Wine service temperatures:

Dry and sweet sparkling wines 6 -8 ° C
Simple white wines, dry and young 8-10 ° C
Aromatic dry white wines, raisin wines and fortified white wines, rosé wines 10-12 ° C
Structured and mature white wines 12-14 ° C
Fruity and slightly tannic red wines, raisin wines and fortified red wines 14-16 ° C
Red wines with medium structure and tannicity 16-18 ° C
Red wines characterized by great structure and a long period of refinement 18-20 ° C

Which glass do I choose?

1 - Flûte, for classic method sparkling wines and champagne.

2 - Glass for young white wines.

3 - Glass for sparkling wines.

4 - Glass for young red and rosé wines.

5 - Glass for structured and mature white wines.

6 - Glass for structured red wines.

7 - Glass for wines.

8 - Glass for mature red wines.

9 - Glass for very aged red wines.

10 - Chalice for sweet aromatic sparkling wines

11 - Glass for dessert wines

12 - Glass for fortified wines